"Rattling Chains is one of those books that grabs you right at the start, pulls you in, and never lets go. I was lucky enough to get a beta copy, and I finished it, twice, in one sitting apiece."

Red Cloud
"Rattling Chains by T. Strange promised all my favourite stuff and didn’t disappoint in the least. Cops and mystery? I’m in. Ghosts and mediums? Totally in. BDSM? Hell to the yes."

— Chris Owen
"Rattling Chains is a brilliantly crafted story and universe with interesting characters and plot. I would love to see expanded for more cases involving the characters. 
It's definitely going to be a well read title."

Rosina Scott


Behind the Scenes

Here are seven quick facts about Rattling Chains, and here's some of the music behind the book.


Book two: Cold Blood 

M/M paranormal romance/BDSM

Ghost wards are failing. Mediums are vanishing. Someone—or something—is stirring up the ghosts of Toronto. It’s up to psychic medium Harlan Brand to find out why.

After defeating a serial killer who could control ghosts, psychic medium Harlan Brand is feeling much more confident in his abilities working for the Toronto Police Service with his partner, Hamilton, as they protect the city from dangerous spirits.

He is expanding his social circle, however reluctantly, to include the other police mediums and Morgan Vermeer, another graduate from the Centre—a school for training psychic children.

Harlan and his boyfriend, Charles Moore, are continuing to explore BDSM, their relationship and Charles’ strange ability to shield people from ghosts.

Hoping to find answers about Charles’ power and the serial killer, Harlan returns to the Centre only to find that one of its ghost wards—magical symbols that spirits can’t cross—is broken, and it’s a mystery as to how and why.

The calm and order that Harlan has been building up in his life are shattered when wards start failing across the city and mediums begin to disappear, including one of his new friends and a student from the Centre.

Someone—or something—is stirring up the ghosts of Toronto.


Book three: Laid to Rest

M/M paranormal romance/BDSM

Psychic medium Harlan Brand wants to be the bridge between the living and the spirits of Toronto.

Tired of dealing with ghosts reactively through the Toronto Police Service, psychic medium Harlan Brand starts his own paranormal investigation business, Laid to Rest Investigations. He wants to help ghosts before they become problems and help the people and ghosts who slip through the official cracks. His former police partner, Hamilton, joins him as his associate.

Harlan's personal life is becoming just as complicated. He' s just moved in with his boyfriend, Charles Moore, and he' s been contacted by a man he saved from possession, Michael Clark. Despite his love for Charles and the commitment they' ve made to one another, Harlan immediately finds himself drawn to Michael. However, after Charles meets Michael and they hit it off, they decide to invite Michael into their relationship.

As his business grows and Harlan adjusts to his new role, solving cases and helping spirits leads him closer to the heart of a mystery that hits very close to home.


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